You need a story.

It better be damn good

You need a story.

It better be good

It better be damn good^500.


Technology is hard.
It’s hard to build,
it’s hard to explain.

When you're working on the frontier, articulating what you do is excruciating. The words never seem to capture the essence of your vision: The depth. The scope. The audacity. Most days it feels like you’re shouting into the void.

Get to the core and
make it shine

New technologies need to figure out what they’re about, what makes them unique, how to present themselves to the world to create the traction they need to flourish. Powerful technologies are the product of impactful stories: authentic, inspiring, profound. Unforgettable stories that reach the right people and create a lasting impression.

We help brands discover and tell their best stories

We’re in the game to understand your technology, your market, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Whether it’s content strategy, development, or distribution - we specialize in finding the solutions that bring profound, sustainable growth. We’re a content development group for startups who want to break away from the pack.

Content development for smart technologies

Chilli Attack was founded by Moran Katz, Netta Gurevitch, and Itay Shalev. We share decades of industry experience in traditional and digital storytelling, process and creative, bringing our weight to bear on the ways technology expresses itself. We believe that life is too short for mediocrity and that the highest form of gratification comes from doing the right thing. Doing it passionately. Doing it legendary.

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